New portfolio valuation tool available on Unified's Portal

Unified is pleased to announce the latest addition to its patent analytics tools, the Portfolio Value IndeX (PVIX).  As recently featured by IAM, PVIX is an internally developed tool designed to measure the relative value for a patent portfolio based on research derived from published empirical studies. The score evaluates three key components — (1) Family, (2) Market, and (3) Reputation — for each patent to create a composite PVIX score. More details are available in the methodology.

PVIX is a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with Unified’s APIX (validity), CITX (value) and BRIX (broadness) ratings to instantly identify the relative value of an entire portfolio as well as the most significant patents within that portfolio. For example, a user can use the APIX, BRIX, and CITX ratings to assess the validity and broadness of potential licensor’s portfolio. Next, using PVIX, a user can determine the value of those patents relative to their own portfolio within the same technology field in order to inform their buying strategy (see more examples here).

This chart shows the companies with the highest average PVIX value. However, portfolio size is also an important consideration in assessing portfolio value. Hence, Unified’s Portal allows users to switch between these views to gain a better understanding of the quantity and quality of any given portfolio.

Users can search PVIX ratings for any custom group of patents, creating a range of potential applications. Unified’s objective with this tool is to enable users to compare different portfolios and provide an efficient evaluation for patent assets as may be necessary in the course of due diligence and financial transactions.

For more information about PVIX, visit Unified’s Portal or read this report published by IAM.