Opponents Waive Half of Responses in 2019

In 2019, so far 15 entities have waived or ignored their right to respond to Unified petitions prior to institution. In total, 50% of patent owners have failed to file their patent owner's preliminary response (POPR), a steep decline from previous activity. For instance, in 2018, almost 70% of patent owners filed preliminary responses. 

On the merits, Unified has seen our success rates rise. Indeed, 75% of Unified's 2018 petitions have been instituted or settled this far. While it is too early to measure ultimate outcomes for 2018, our 2017 filings have been successful in the end 83% of the time.

Unified routinely updates our success page which can be found here. For questions or press inquiries, please contact Jennifer@unifiedpatents.com for more information.

Patent Owner's Preliminary Responses.png