MOAEC Techs. abandons patent after PTAB institutes IPR

On October 23, 2019, the Board granted MOAEC Technologies request for adverse judgment and cancellation of all challenged claims in IPR2018-01758 filed by Unified Patents. MOAEC Technologies, a General Patent Corporation subsidiary and well-known NPE, is the owner of US 6,232,539 relating to a music organizer and entertainment center. Unified filed a petition against the '539 patent last September, which was instituted in April. On the eve of Unified's reply due date, MOAEC disclaimed all the challenged claims and requested adverse judgment.

MOAEC previously sued Spotify, SoundCloud, and Deezer in the District of Delaware, where Judge Stark found the asserted claims to be invalid under 35 USC 101. MOAEC appealed the 101 ruling to the Federal Circuit, but ultimately settled with the defendants and withdrew its appeal.

Lionel Lavenue, Trenton Ward, and Nathan North at Finnegan served as Unified’s outside counsel in this proceeding. View all of MOAEC Technologies’ District Court litigation here. To read the decision and to view the entire IPR proceeding, visit our PTAB Portal.