Unified works with Detroit - Mercy Law School to Stop Patent Abuse against Small Businesses

Unified Patents recently launched its 2nd public law school project  to curb patent abuse against SMEs.   In conjunction with University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and Brooks Kushman, Unified is working to help educate students on PTAB practice. 

It was recently announced here

As part of the project students will be focused on identifying prior art and properly making arguments which could be used at the PTAB to invalidate such patents.  The targeted patent(s) are ones which have been identified as being asserted against SMEs who are asking for low dollar amounts.  Much of these cases can be considered patent abuse since most of the time the patent owners know that their patents would not survive a challenge and price their demands to avoid a trial of the merits or validity challenge since the cost is much higher than the settlement amount.  For SMEs this is especially onerous and requires them to expend substantial time and resources which instead can be used to hire or invest in the future.

Unified is working more law schools to educate students on the PTAB and help improve patent quality.   Previously we worked with Berkeley Law on a similar project in which was mentioned in the Recorder.

For more information on this project please contact:

Wissam Aoun, Assistant Professor of Law and Clinic Director, University of Detroit - Mercy School of Law.   aounwj@udmercy.edu

To contact Unified about creating a similar program at your law school contact us at info@unifiedpatents.com