Q3 2016 Patent Dispute Report

Overview: Although overall patent disputes in the district courts have decreased, PTAB filings continue to be stable and NPEs continue to account for more than half of new cases.

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Fig. 1:         So far in 2016, 4,532* new patent infringement disputes were filed in district courts or at PTAB.    Total disputes are estimated to be 6032 by the end of the year.

*Eliminating duplicate, primarily non-patent, and erroneous cases

Fig. 2:      As in previous years, High Tech patent disputes far outnumber disputes in other industries.

Fig. 3:       The Eastern District of Texas (TXED) continues to be most popular venue for district court patent litigation.   PTAB continues to be the most popular venue for patent disputes overall.

Fig. 4:        90% of all cases filed in the E.D. Tex. in 2016 were brought by NPE plaintiffs.

Fig. 5:       1078 new patent cases were filed in Q3 2016, compared to 1133 in Q3 2015 and 1149 in Q3 2014.

Fig. 6:       60% of 2016 patent cases were in the High-Tech sector.

Fig. 7:      2016 High-Tech sector cases comprised almost all NPE litigation.

Fig. 8:        Patent Assertion Entities (PAE) accounted for 84% of all NPE activity.

Fig. 9:       NPEs account for 90.5% of all High Tech litigation in 2016.

Fig. 10:       40% of 2016 PTAB respondents were NPEs.  (see portal.unifiedpatents.com)

Fig. 11:       High Tech sector patents were involved in 54% of all PTAB challenges in 2016, slightly less than the proportion in district court (see Fig. 6).   (see portal.unifiedpatents.com)

Fig. 12:         Inter partes reviews (IPRs) continue to be the most popular method for challenging patents at PTAB.   (see portal.unifiedpatents.com)

Fig. 13:       2016's top 5 plaintiffs are all NPEs. 

Fig. 14:       4 of the top 5 defendants for 2016 are in High-Tech.

Fig. 15:        Unified Patents is the 4th most prolific PTAB petitioner for 2016.   (see portal.unifiedpatents.com)

Fig. 16:        Fontem Holdings was challenged 27 times at PTAB in 2016.   (see portal.unifiedpatents.com)