Unified Files IPR Against Rothschild Connected Devices Innovations, LLC Patent Asserted Against 60 Companies

On February 3, 2016, Unified Patents Inc. petitioned for inter partes review (IPR) of U.S. Patent 8,788,090, owned and asserted by Rothschild Connected Devices Innovations, LLC. The patent, described by the Washington Post as one of the worst four patents of 2015, has been asserted by Rothschild in at least fifty-seven cases in the past year, mostly in the Eastern District of Texas, against defendants as diverse as soda companies, alarm services, automotive companies, and appliance companies. Rothschild claims its patents cover mobile phone applications that store and communicate users' product preferences, among other things. Unified independently petitioned for IPR2016-00535 challenging claims 1-9 and 11-12.

A copy of the filing can be found below.

Rothschild Connected IPR2016-00535