Unified challenges Intellectual Ventures (@IVinvents) owned Patent

On November 5, 2014 Unified Patents filed an Inter Partes Revew (IPR) against a patent owned by a subsidiary of Intellectual Ventures to protect the Cloud Storage Zone from invalid patents.

Intellectual Ventures is a well known NPE (link) which has a subsidiary called, III Holdings 1, LLC (link). As part our ongoing assignment tracking activities, Unified identified III Holdings 1 as the recent purchaser of patent 7,702,781 (781). An initial investigation of the 781 patent determined it was related to Cloud Storage technologies. Unified further investigated the 781 patent and identified substantial prior art which we believe indicates that claims in the 781 patent are invalid. Therefore, Unified filed an IPR to invalidate what we believe is an invalid patent owned by an NPE in Cloud Storage and to deter future NPE purchasing and/or assertion of invalid patents in Cloud Storage.

The complete filing can be found here: