PTAB Institutes Unified on All Claims 1-20 and All Grounds of Nonend Patent

On May 12, 2016, Unified Patents was instituted on all claims (1-20) and grounds in Unified Patents Inc. v. Nonend Inventions N.V., IPR2016-00174.  In a campaign beginning in September 2014, Nonend had filed patent infringement suits against 29 companies, mostly in the Eastern District of Texas. Many of the cases in Nonend’s litigation campaign were settled after the filing of Unified’s IPR, mostly through a bulk licensing agreement by patent aggregator RPX.

Unified CEO Kevin Jakel stated, “We are pleased with the Nonend IPR institution. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of litigation, many questionable patents are licensed that should never have issued in the first place. Outcomes like the Nonend IPR institution serve to disrupt the NPE patent monetization, but do so without perpetuating the cycle of companies facing needless and expensive NPE litigation.”

A copy of the institution decision can be found on our PTAB portal.