Unified Files to Invalidate Vantage Point’s Patent

On February 13, Unified Patents (Unified) filed an inter-partes review (IPR) against patent owner Marathon Patent Group's (NASDAQ: MARA) subsidiary Vantage Point Technology, Inc.  (Vantage Point) in order to protect Cloud Storage technologies from invalid NPE assertions. Vantage Point claims its patent covers downloading to a browser a web page that was selected by the web server and automatically requesting an additional web page without user interaction. Vantage Point filed 6 cases against cloud storage companies in October, 2014. Unified filed its own IPR challenging claims 1-3, 6-13, 15-17, 27, 31, 41-42, 49, and 59 of U.S. Pat. No 6,615,233. A copy of the filing can be found below.