Developer Update: NPE data added to Portal Litigation Database

Unified recently added patent owner entity information for all cases filed 2010-2014. This addition to the site was made possible in large part due to data from the Stanford NPE Litigation Database that was combined with Unified’s existing NPE database to produce a comprehensive view of NPE activity from 2010 to 2019. Of the 22,437 district court cases incorporated from the Stanford NPE database, 12,453 (55.5%) involved an NPE while 9,616 (42.8%) were filed by operating companies. More details and analytics tools are available on Unified’s Portal.

NPE litigation chart.PNG

Patent owner entity types include:

NPE (Patent Assertion Entity) = Entity whose primary activity is licensing patents and acquired most of its patents from another entity

NPE (Small Company) = Entity whose original activity was providing products and services, but now is primarily focused on monetizing its own patent portfolio.

NPE (Individual) = Entity owned or controlled by an individual inventor who is primarily focused on monetizing inventions patents by that individual inventor.

Operating Company = Company which derives most of its total revenue from Product Sales or Services. Could be a small or medium-sized entity or a large company.

Other = Universities / Non-Profits / Government / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Unified strives to accurately identify NPEs through all available means, such as court filings, public documents, and product documentation.

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