$10,000 PATROLL Contest added for Packet Intelligence Patent

On May 24, 2019, Unified added a $10,000 contest to PATROLL seeking prior art for U.S. Patent No. 6,839,751 which has been asserted by Packet Intelligence, LLC, an NPE. The '751 patent, generally related to monitoring and analyzing a flow of packets passing through a connection point on a computer network, has been asserted in nine district court cases to date.

Routers and firewall appliances have primarily been targeted.

For the purposes of this contest, “conversational flow” is construed to mean the sequence of packets that are exchanged in any direction as a result of an activity (for instance, the running of an application on a server as requested by a client), where some conversational flows involve more than one connection, and some even involve more than one exchange of packets between a client and server.  And, a single reference must link communications by *application* as opposed to by layer and client-server pair.

The contest will expire on June 24, 2019. Please visit PATROLL for more information or to submit an entry for this contest.