MOAEC Techs. patent determined to be likely unpatentable

On April 17, 2019, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) instituted trial on all challenged claims in an IPR filed by Unified against U.S. Patent 6,232,539, owned and asserted by MOAEC Technologies, a General Patent Corporation subsidiary and well-known NPE. The ’539 patent, directed to a music organizer and entertainment center, was recently determined to cover ineligible subject matter by the Delaware District Court in three cases involving SpotifySoundCloud, and Deezer. Those cases are currently pending appeal.

Lionel Lavenue, Trenton Ward, and Nathan North at Finnegan are serving as Unified’s lead counsel in this proceeding. View all of MOAEC Technologies’ District Court litigation here. To read the decision and to view the entire IPR proceeding, visit our PTAB Portal