Unified has challenged almost all of 2017’s most prolific NPEs

Unified Patents has challenged 9 of RPX's 2017 “Top 10” most prolific Non-Practicing Entities

RPX recently released data for the 1st half of 2017 showing the Top 10 NPEs of 2017



Unified has independently challenged at least 1 patent owned by 9 of the top 10 entities.  (Unified filings) Studies have found, consistent with Unified's experience and research, that prolific plaintiffs are very often NPEs asserting lower quality patents.  RPX, another 3rd party, has independently challenged 3 of the top 10. (RPX filings)

Unified’s model is never to pay NPEs any money and challenge patents it believes are invalid.

This has led to a decrease in NPE activity and purchasing in the areas Unified protects.  And Unified did not pay any NPEs---paying incentivizes further invalid assertions.  Unified has filed more IPRs and had more successes than all other 3rd party entities combined.   You can see a comparison here:


A full list of our filings can be found at: