Unified Invalidates Claims in IPR against Marathon-Owned Vantage Point Technology

On August 4, 2015, in an inter parts review ("IPR") filed by Unified Patents ("Unified") against Vantage Point Technology, Inc. ("Vantage Point"), the PTAB invalidated all instituted claims from U.S. Patent 6,615,233 B1 (the '233 patent). Vantage Point is a subsidiary of Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA) and claimed that its patent covered downloading to a browser a web page that was selected by the web server and automatically requesting an additional web page without user interaction.

Vantage Point asserted the '233 patent against six operating companies in district court during the fall of 2014. Unified subsequently filed the IPR on February 16, 2013, as part of its NPE deterrent strategy in the Cloud Storage Zone. Five days after instituting review, the Board issued its final ruling upon the patent owner's request.

A copy of the final written decision can be found below: