Transactions in the Secondary Market

Improving patent quality of course requires monitoring litigation, but also includes tracking transactions in the secondary market. As part of our ongoing activities Unified tracks sales in important technology areas and publishes consolidated data to improve market transparency.  Members receive more detailed reports through our portal linked here .

Transaction data provided by Richardson Oliver Law Group

zone overview - 2016 Q1-q3

Zone Total Tracked Assets New Tracked Assets Total Sold Assets Unique Litigations Post Listing % NPE Litigations
Cloud Storage 1760 229 505 14 100%
Content Delivery 3946 282 1059 51 75%
Electronic Payments 1595 102 144 72 24%
Internet of Things 4285 634 1529 107 88%
Automotive 3077 624 344 0 0%
eRetail 138 138 0 0 0%

Internet of Things may be the highest risk zone for future NPE activity with 1,529 assets sold in Q3 2016 and 107 new unique patent cases post-listing. 

patent transaction report

Top 10 BuyersAll AssetsUS IssuedPackages
Ip3, Series 100 Of Allied Security Trust I67325
Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.59201
Ciena Corporation49471
Open Invention Network, LLC49191
Regional Resources Limited44441
Vlsi Technology LLC1871
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc16121
RPX Corporation1562
Fortinet, Inc.1421
The Regents Of The University Of California1431
Top 10 SellersAll AssetsUS IssuedPackages
Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.59201
Waldeck Technology LLC58261
EpiCrystals Oy1451
Luminus Networks, Inc.1421
Rose Street Labs, LLC1431

IP3, a patent purchasing cooperative run by Allied Security Trust (AST), was the largest purchaser of patents in Q3 2016 while Ciena Corporation was the largest purchaser of US-issued patents.