Unified Patents Winter 2014 Newsletter

Unified now protects $250+ billion in revenue from NPE activity

Since gaining its 1st member in early 2013, Unified Patents has grown to 15 members with a combined revenue of over $250 billion.  For a modest annual subscription fee, Members immediately benefit from cost reduction in legal/settlement costs and future reduction through deterring future NPE activity.  Unified continues to provide the only solution which not only reduces NPE costs and risks, but also deters future NPE activity. Unified does NOT "Feed the Beast" by paying off NPEs!  Contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

Meet Unified at PLI, AIPLA, and LES


Learn how to "Combat Patent Trolls" in a Live Webinar Jan 30th

Kevin Jakel (CEO) and Mike Kiklis, Partner at Oblon, will present on how to "Combat Patent Trolls"

Prior art searches and analyses completed on threats in Cloud Storage

Unified has conducted over 10 prior art searches and analyses of patent threats to the Cloud Storage space as part of its ongoing activities to decrease costs and deter NPE activity.  Members can receive the prior art as a benefit of membership to better defend themselves against NPEs.

Secondary market and analytics in Content Delivery

Unified is currently monitoring 700+ patents in the Content Delivery space owned by NPEs or on the secondary market.  Members get access to detailed analytics regarding who owns patents in this key technology space.  If your company has products or services involved in Content Delivery, Contact us to find out what's going on.

Unified delivers current Cloud Storage members with defensive patent licenses

Unified's unique business model reduces costs of dealing with NPEs, provides licenses to patent threats, and deters future NPE activity.  Don't miss out on the next round of our deterrent activities.  Contact us to find out how we do it.

Frequently Asked Questions published on new website 

Have questions?  Please visit the FAQ section of our website.  We have provided answers to some of the most common questions about Unified Patents and provide detailed information on our activities.   Click here to visit our FAQs.

Twitter feed launched (@unifiedpatents)

Track our latest activities and the latest news in the battle to deter NPEs.