Unified Patents Video Announcement

New Animated Video Created by Unified Patents Illustrates the NPE Problem in Drawings and Words Unified is First to Offer a Simplified Solution to a Complex Challenge

Los Altos, CA August 7, 2014 – Unified Patents, LLC, a company devoted to deterring non-practicing entity (NPE) or patent "troll" litigation, has introduced a new, white board video that explains what NPEs are and how they can impact businesses – and it does so with a sense of humor in under three minutes.

Unified provides an affordable, open, technology-specific solution to the "vicious cycle" of NPE activity that threatens companies of all sizes.

Over a year ago, Unified established a defensive Zone of approximately 20 companies interested in protecting Cloud Storage technology from NPE activity.

"The first challenge is to help all businesses understand the impact of NPEs and that they can help themselves," said Kevin Jakel, CEO, Unified Patents. "Paying NPEs for licenses to invalid or dubious patents perpetuates the NPE problem and creates a cycle of increasing NPE activity. Identifying and invalidating bad patents benefits an entire industry and the public."

Unified Patents' was formed on the belief that the best way to reduce rampant NPE litigation is by discouraging current and future NPEs from asserting invalid patents. Unified is unique from other solutions because it never pays NPEs, allows startups to join for free, and through its activities deters future NPE activity in strategic technologies (or industries) it calls 'Zones'.

Other companies attempting to solve the NPE problem offer cost savings, but often incentivize future litigation. Unified's systematic approach to the problem of NPE activity does not provide NPEs with revenue streams, thereby deterring future activity in protected technology Zones.

About Unified Patents – Unified patents was founded in 2012 by Kevin Jakel, formerly Head of IP Litigation at Intuit and Brian Hinman, now Chief Intellectual Property Officer of Royal Philips, to provide operating companies an alternative resource to deter abusive patent litigation. Unified Patents addresses the risk and cost of NPE litigation by strategically protecting areas of technology. Unified's unique solution draws on the overlap between large companies, SMEs and startups to proactively deter NPE activity. For more information about Unified or about becoming a member of one or more of its Zones, visit www.unifiedpatents.com