Unified Patents Spring 2014 Newsletter

Unified Patents is pleased to report that we have achieved some significant milestones. We are excited to be protecting new technology areas as our membership grows and our deterrent against NPE activity continues to increase.  Here are some highlights:


Unified Reaches 50+ Members

Unified's IPR Instituted Against IPNav / Clouding IP

  • Unified's IPR against Clouding IP's Pat. 6,738,799 was instituted against ALL challenged claims.
  • Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) rejected Clouding IP's arguments that Unified'smembers were real-parties-in-interest.  (A copy of the decision can be found here)
  • Unified is the first member organization to be granted IPR and is proud to be protectingCloud Storage technologies from invalid patents
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84% of March 2014 High-Tech Patent Litigation instituted by NPEs

    • High-Tech cases accounted for 64% of March Patent litigation
    • 84% of High-Tech cases were filed by NPEs
    • 21% of High-Tech cases were filed by NPEs against SMEs
    • A full report can be found here


PTO Data Shows 92% Success Using Inter Partes Review ("IPR")

  • Data from 167 terminated IPRs suggests that IPR is a good alternative to litigation (one ofthe intended goals of the AIA)
  • 70% of all terminated IPRs have been resolved through settlement (32% settled beforeinstitution and 61% settled after institution)
  • In IPRs with a Final Written Decision ("FWD"), 83% of the IPRs were instituted against allchallenged claims and 76% found all challenged claims unpatentable, canceled ordisclaimed (94% of all instituted claims were found unpatentable)
  • In 92% of the terminated IPRs, every challenged claim was resolved through settlement,canceled (or disclaimed) through requests for adverse judgments, or found unpatentable
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