May 2014 Litigation Report

Unified Patent's May Litigation report shows some interesting trends in NPE litigation over the past month. Compared to April we see a 4% jump in NPE litigation against small or medium enterprises (SMEs). Since February, the increase in NPE litigation against SMEs is 11%. The proportion of high tech NPE patent litigation brought against small companies has doubled.

May also saw an overall drop in NPE litigation. The overall percentage of patent suits brought by NPEs fell 10% compared to the three month average. Unified Patents will continue its NPE deterrence strategy to bring down the percentage of NPE patent litigation further.

The most litigious NPEs for May are Presqriber LLC and Uniloc USA. Both also hold the distinction of being the most litigious against small companies. Small companies can join Unified Patents for free and receive all the benefits of membership that large companies do. For more information about joining Unified Patents in deterring NPEs.